Reflexology & Stress Relief

February 7, 2018
Reflexology & Stress Relief

Reflexology & Stress Relief

More and more it is recognised that stress leads to illness. Yet we still have a long way to go in really accepting this and applying it to our own lives, instead of feeling guilty that we haven’t managed to ‘do better’,  achieve more, or avoid making mistakes: all of which create stress.

The only way to learn is through experiencing life.

To gain experience one has to attempt things and in attempting things and gaining experience one necessarily makes mistakes – that it what experience is!  Minding about it creates stress.

Yet how often do most (all!) of us beat ourselves up for what we perceive as failing to do as well as we thought we should have. But that ‘beating ourselves up’ is the antithesis of achievement because it undoes the good learning opportunity we’ve just had, making us feel bad instead of giving us a valuable experience on which we can build future success.

Easier said than done, of course, but we really can do two things to help ourselves: just recognising that it’s what we do is a major step forward, because in noticing it we become more aware of the process. Secondly by finding ways to nurture ourself we can release the stress.

This may be through receiving reflexology, which is frequently said to be “profoundly relaxing” by people who have had treatment, or it may be anything from a walk in the woods or gardening, to meditating or whatever works for you.