Reflexology Testimonials


“Many thanks for your help and the hope that you gave me at a time when I needed it.”

I had a great reflexology treatment with Rosalind. She’s incredibly professional and has years of experience as both a practitioner and a teacher. Her home clinic in Lansdown, Bath was easy to find and in a beautifully, relaxing rural area. Would highly recommend.

“Thank you so much for all the help and support you have given me and for your professionalism.”

“We just wanted to write to thank you so much for coming and working your magic on us. True to your word, within an hour and a half of your leaving I had 3 massive contractions back to back, from having no contractions previously, and just over 2 hours later Matty was born! We were back home a few hours later. It couldn’t have been more perfect. We feel very blessed. Having never had reflexology before – I am now definitely a convert and am searching for reasons to have more sessions with you so I’m sure we will meet again. Many, many thanks again, we will be recommending you to all our friends.”

“I just wanted to put down in writing how immensely grateful I am for your wonderful reflexology over the past year. I am in no doubt that it helped to bring little Tommy into the world and through a complicated labour without any sign of difficulty…Things are a lot more settled now and we will definitely come and see you again soon.”

Caring and professional, Rosalind gave me a fantastic reflexology treatment at her home clinic in Lansdown, Bath. New to reflexology, I wasn’t sure what to expect – but after one session with Rosalind, I know that I’ll definitely be back for more.

A Glowing Review from A. C.

Rosalind has transformed my life over the last four years, enabling the emotional loading and retention of early traumas and many life tensions to become mere memories.
The fortnightly sessions turned quickly into a subtle partnership where through her deft manipulation of points on my toes and areas of the soles of my feet, she facilitated the responsibility, that I now had to accept, to open myself up to her work and allow the related and often very deeply buried tensions to release.
Soon after leaving her, I’d create conditions for being overtaken by sudden involuntary wild kicks and starts, accompanied very often by intermittent shouts.  All very rapid and over within a few seconds.  “Ah”, I’d say, “More tensions finally outed”.
These responses are known as ‘Autogenic Responses’.  The overall result has been emergence of the self that had been buried for very many years, together with improved health and feelings of well being.
She works with detailed knowledge of the ‘body map’ on each foot and carefully seeks out, often with the help of her patient, the tender and sometimes very painful areas.
These indicate blockage (restriction) of individual meridians that transmit the subtle energies that thread and give life to every part of the body and internal organs.  As clearance of the individual meridians takes place from one session to another the tenderness at these points gradually disappears.
She progressively records these points to indicate where changes occur over the course of treatment.  She is very happy to talk through aspects of treatment with her patients and is able to share their emotional struggles with great sensitivity and attention.
A. C.